ST: Improving Soil Health

Undertake trials and extend information to landholders on effective practices to improve soil health.

Why it is important?

Improving soil health can bring a range of benefits, including increasing productivity and yields, improving soil structure and water holding capacity, reducing erosion and increasing resilience to drought and floods. Having good access to credible information, supported by trials, local experience and external specialists, will help spread the soil health message further and encourage uptake by more landholders.

Examples of Local Action

  • Set up local demonstration sites showing different techniques for improving soil health.

Contribution to Regional Priority

Investigate effective techniques for improving the health of soil and develop appropriate extension materials, with the aim of improving land management and reducing sediment and nutrient runoff.

Local Landscape:

Southern Tablelands

Regional Theme:

Sustainable Industries

National Priorities:

Land Management Practices


Barron, Johnstone