Community Action

This landscape provides one of the remaining strongholds for the endangered Southern Cassowary.  They provide a strong focus for community groups working to enhance habitat, restore connectivity and improve survival of this iconic species.  Closely linked to cassowary conservation is the region’s tourist industry, with many operators dependent on a healthy natural environment and thriving cassowary populations for their ecotourist ventures.  There are many skilled and passionate individuals supporting active community groups within the region, as evidenced by the long history of groups and successful projects happening throughout the landscape.

This page provides an overview of some of the projects happening in the Southern Cassowary Coast Local Landscape.  If you would like to provide feedback or update your group’s projects, please contact us using the Feedback Form.

Community Groups


Community for Coastal and Cassowary Conservation

Formed by community members concerned about the impact of development pressure on cassowary habitat and survival, C4 provides a leadership role in promoting awareness of the plight of the cassowary and protecting critical habitat for the birds.  A combination of on-ground habitat and corridor restoration work and education and awareness activities around cassowaries has been the focus of the group.

Smith’s Gap/ Maria Ck Wildlife Corridor Rehabilitation

Mission Beach Cassowaries

This group’s overarching goal is to protect cassowary populations and their habitat around Mission Beach.  The group recognises the importance of healthy cassowary populations to the local tourist industry and works to promote the natural attractions of the area.

Website and free booklet promoting nature based tourism at Mission Beach

Mission Beach State School P&C

An active and very dedicated group of parents and volunteers are involved in the Mission Beach State School P&C.  The school’s location in the Wet Tropics and the spectacular local natural environment have inspired a range of student environmental activities and education programs, including the restoration of the Mission Beach School Wetlands.

Continuing the Mission Beach School Wetlands Restoration and Education Programme

Cassowary Coast Alliance

The Alliance is a collaborative hub, sharing information from a range of groups and individuals interested in the long term sustainability of the region and its natural values.