Community Action

Within the catchment of the North and South Johnstone Rivers, the waterways of this Local Landscape provide a focus for community action and on-ground environmental work.  Located in one of the wettest catchment areas in Australia, there is a strong community focus on sustainable land use and minimising potential impacts on waterways and the Great Barrier Reef.  Community groups have a long and continuous history in the area, and have developed collaborative relationships with many groups and individuals to achieve results.

Community Groups


Johnstone River Catchment Management Association

Formed in 1991, JRCMA has an extensive and successful record of developing and managing a range of natural resource management projects.  A comprehensive membership body provides representation across a range of sectors and interest groups, providing a broad depth of knowledge, skills and expertise in natural resource management.

Riparian Revegetation – Technical Direction and Capacity Building –  Johnstone Green Army Projects

Johnstone Region Landcare

A dedicated band of volunteers oversee a range of environmental projects and initiatives through the Johnstone Region Landcare group.  The successful Johnstone River Community Garden is managed by the group, and a range of educational activities for school-aged children have been developed.  The group is also involved in environmental restoration work within their region.

Reinstate wetlands at Backyard Blitz Site as Part of an NRM Educational Facility

Johnstone Ecological Society

The Johnstone Ecological Society have been actively involved in rehabilitating the Bulguru Wetlands, near Mourilyan, since the 1990s.  With the severe decline in the health of coastal freshwater habitats, Bulguru Wetlands play a very important role in providing habitat for aquatic wildlife and maintaining water quality, including in the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.  They are also located in a recognised corridor area for cassowary movement.

Bulguru Wetlands

Mullenbungoon Ltd.

A Traditional Owner group with lands near the Ma:mu Canopy Walk at the base of the Palmerston Highway, Mullenbungoon has been successful in obtaining funding to conduct work on restoring sections of Chunga Creek.

Chunga Creek Corridor Revegation