RM: Waterway and Wetland Restoration

Restore and revegetate river and creek banks to achieve biodiversity, water quality and biosecurity outcomes.

Why it is important?

Riparian revegetation can keep water temperature down and dissolved oxygen levels up and change hot farm drains to biodiversity corridors. Revegetation also helps filter chemical or farm runoff, avoids erosion and sediment run-off. Restoration can help buffer against effects of climate change like rising sea levels and inundation. Local community groups have the skills, knowledge, partnerships and capacity to undertake these projects successfully.

Examples of Local Action

Restore Lower Mulgrave Wetlands.
Restore Mulgrave River and feeder creeks eg. Behana Ck.
Work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure the best techniques are used.

Local Landscape:

Russell and Mulgrave Catchments

Regional Theme:

Coastal Systems, Water


Mulgrave, Russell