ST: Recreation in Nature

Construct walking/cycling tracks and manage vegetation to improve recreational opportunities in natural areas within local towns, including interpretive signage.

Why it is important?

Increased access to natural areas can build attachment to places, increase appreciation and allow the community to build stewardship over their urban natural assets.

Examples of Local Action

  • Good areas could include Atherton – Priors Ck to Mazlin Ck; Malanda riverine (Johnstone R), Yungaburra – Peterson Ck; Ravenshoe – Tumoulin Forest Reserves.

Contribution to Regional Priority

Develop and implement a plan to improve access to natural areas for recreational purposes, by a diverse range of user groups (eg. disabled, older people, active tourists).

Local Landscape:

Southern Tablelands

Regional Theme:

Sustainable Industries


Barron, Johnstone