ST: Local Partnerships for Traditional Owners

Develop meaningful and productive partnerships between all stakeholders for better outcomes for Traditional Owners.

Why it is important?

Working together with other groups with similar objectives can help improve efficiencies, provide better outcomes and increase the chances of success. Having a collaborative, rather than competitive, approach makes the best use of local skills, knowledge and resources.

Examples of Local Action

  • Annual get together between state agencies and local Traditional Owner groups to share information about upcoming work on country, including opportunities for collaboration.
  • Support for joint training and project opportunities for all Tablelands Traditional Owner groups.
  • Opportunities for cross-tenure and cross-organisation projects, especially for things like fire management.
  • More Traditional Owner involvement in natural resource management projects.

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-CM 2: Partnerships for Progress
Strengthen partnerships to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of existing resources.

Local Landscape:

Southern Tablelands

Regional Theme:

Cultural Connection


Barron, Johnstone