SCC: Healthy Waterways

Conduct riparian restoration (weed control, revegetation, clearing blockages) to improve water quality, habitat condition and aquatic connectivity.

Why it is important?

Healthy waterways contribute to healthy ecosystems and clean water to the Great Barrier Reef. Managing aquatic weeds and in-stream and riparian habitat can significantly improve the ecological function and value of waterways. Stable creek beds with healthy vegetation are able to deal with large fluctuations in water availability (drainage management), provide water treatment/ filtration and erosion control. Creek blockages cause and increase erosion.

Examples of Local Action

Collaborate with QPWS and neighbouring landholders to manage hymenachne at Pungi Creek.
Collaborate with RIT to identify priority areas for bank stabilisation and conduct appropriate rehabilitation.

Local Landscape:

Southern Cassowary Coast

Regional Theme:

Coastal Systems, Water


Tully, Murray