NT: Water Supply and Security

Secure adequate and consistent water supply for environmental purposes, including wetland areas which are dependent on water supplied externally from dams and storages.

Why it is important?

The lagoons, wetlands and lakes in the northern Tablelands have strong social and cultural values. Some of these areas, including the Mareeba Wetlands and Bicentennial Lakes, rely on external water sources to maintain water levels. If this water is not available, the wetlands will disappear, affecting all their environmental, social and cultural values.

Examples of Local Action

  • Work with Sunwater to develop an agreement regarding secure water availability to local wetlands, including Mareeba Wetlands and Bicentennial Lakes.

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-CM 17: Water Conservation Measures
Develop and deliver programs and initiatives to conserve water on rural and urban land.

Local Landscape:

Northern Tablelands

Regional Theme: