NT: Resilient and Sustainable Industries

Investigate and implement a range of options to support local sustainable industries, including promoting local markets, managing water quality and supply, supporting innovation, value adding, knowledge transfer and regional branding.

Why it is important?

We can work with our agricultural community to create/promote a new image for the region that is focussed on regenerating landscapes, growing prosperity and abundance for local people and communities. Our local agricultural community is the place to start. We can support farming techniques that result in cleaner water, less water use, healthier food, better profit margins and happier communities. This approach could help transform farming communities, rebranding and re-enlivening the sector.

Examples of Local Action

  • ¬†Investigate and trial the use of drought resistant crops, which require less water use.

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-CM 7: Landholder Support Program
Work collaboratively to enhance existing, and develop new, practical and useful extension and knowledge brokering services and products for land managers, covering the wide range of integrated NRM issues affecting, and affected by, land management.

Local Landscape:

Northern Tablelands

Regional Theme:

Sustainable Industries