NT: Erosion Control on Farms

Conduct a range of activities across the catchment to minimise sediment runoff into the Barron River and Great Barrier Reef, including bank stability work, revegetation and land management practices.

Why it is important?

Sediment runoff impacts on water quality and aquatic biodiversity values throughout the Barron River catchment, including tributaries and the Great Barrier Reef lagoon. It also impacts farming systems, through loss of topsoil and streambank instability.

Examples of Local Action

  • Conduct contouring on farms in areas at risk of erosion. Establish them using GPS to allow for future maintenance.

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-CM 16: Reducing Erosion and Improving Drainage
Stabilise areas of significant erosion in the landscape, using a range of techniques eg. revegetation, engineering, maintaining effective farm drains and installing detention basins.

Local Landscape:

Northern Tablelands

Regional Theme:



Barron, Johnstone