NT: Community Driven Solutions to Climate Change

Develop and implement a roadmap for local climate change, that is led by the community.

Why it is important?

We already have access to locally relevant information on changes to our climatic conditions and there is a growing level of support at all levels for action on climate change. We can build on this to identify opportunities to increase resilience across the region for our terrestrial and aquatic habitats, industries and communities.

Examples of Local Action

  • Use existing planning frameworks eg. FNQROC Plan and Mareeba Shire Council Biosecurity Plan to implement land management practices and relevant on-ground works with delivery partners, that take into account climate change.

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-PP 2: My Place, My Plan, My Future
Develop knowledge packages and tools that support local-level planning that effectively takes climate change into account.

Local Landscape:

Northern Tablelands

Regional Theme:

Climate Futures

National Priorities:

Climate Change Adaptation