NCC: Reduce Waste

Reduce the impact of waste on our natural environment through actions like waste reduction programs, community clean ups and supporting circular economies.

Why it is important?

Like many places around the world, waste - such as plastic straws, coffee cups and single use plastics - impacts on the health and visual amenity of our natural environment and communities. A multi-faceted approach can help to minimise the generation of waste and the impacts it has, including: 1) reducing reliance on single-use plastics, 2) limiting the creation of waste, 3) involving the community in regular clean ups and 4) moving towards a more circular economy (which focuses on as much reuse and recycling as possible, to create a closed resource loop).

Examples of Local Action

Hold beach clean up days and involve the local community.

Local Landscape:

Northern Cassowary Coast

Regional Theme:

Sustainable Industries