NCC: Protecting Cassowaries

Implement a whole of landscape, holistic approach to improve cassowary protection, using local-level planning to identify specific actions for local areas.

Why it is important?

Cassowaries are one of the most iconic species in our local landscape, but they face a range of threats. A holistic approach is needed that considers all the factors affecting cassowaries - planning considerations for habitat protection, better mapping of habitat and corridors, replanting habitat, managing dogs and pigs, reducing road deaths, recognising cross-cultural values, etc.

Examples of Local Action

Reduction of speed limits on state and local roads, especially critical habitat areas.
Update road signs in cassowary habitat areas.
Work with the Department of Main Roads to investigate other options to reduce cassowary deaths on roads eg. painting signs on the bitumen.

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-PP 4: Supporting Implementation of Threatened Species Recovery Plans

Incorporate priorities and actions identified through Threatened Species Recovery Plans into local projects to facilitate community stewardship of, and action towards, recovery of threatened species.

Local Landscape:

Northern Cassowary Coast

Regional Theme:


National Priorities:

Threatened Species