HB: Valuing Natural Areas

Identify key natural assets and their values to improve management and identify opportunities for sustainable use eg. tourism.

Why it is important?

By identifying what's important in our region, we can better understand responsibilities for management, as well as opportunities for sustainable use. We can ensure important areas are managed well into the future.

Examples of Local Action

  • Identify key species and ecological communities, like EPBC listed ones. Use this information to support planning and management.
  • Promote and maintain existing walking trails in natural areas.
  • Develop cycle tours / bike trails, which showcase the unique natural environment.
  • Conduct local agriculture tours to showcase local industries eg. cane growing/harvesting, tram tours.
  • Use existing infrastructure like Lucinda Jetty as part of tourism ventures.
  • Protect sensitive areas with high biodiversity values (such as Hinchinbrook Island) from extensive development.

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-CV 5: Education and Engagement
Develop a comprehensive community environmental education program to improve understanding and awareness of a range of NRM issues, helping facilitate change.

Local Landscape:


Regional Theme: