HB: Traditional Owner Management of Land and Sea Country

Active, meaningful and sustained participation of Traditional Owners at all levels and in all aspects of land and sea management.

Why it is important?

With significant areas of traditional land and sea country recognised through Native Title Determinations and Indigenous Protected Area declarations, cross-cultural management of these areas ensures the ongoing protection of natural and cultural values, as well as significant social benefits to local communities.

Examples of Local Action

  • Development and expansion of Traditional Owner ecosystem services enterprises eg. native plant nursery, fee for service ecological fire management, cultural tourism, ranger programs.
  • Implementation of Girringun Region Indigenous Protected Areas Management Plan.
  • Development of management projects specifically for sea country.

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-TO 2: Traditional Owner Group Proficiency Program
Deliver a region-wide Proficiency Program providing targeted training/support to PBCs across the region.

Local Landscape:


Regional Theme:

Cultural Connection