HB: Sustainable Agricultural Production Under Changing Climate Conditions

Conduct strategic planning and implement initiatives to build resilience in the agriculture sector, to ensure industries are well-prepared for a range of possible future scenarios, including changing climate and market conditions.

Why it is important?

Strategic planning now can identify important ways to improve the preparedness and resilience of industries to cope with changing climate conditions, including impacts from drought, fire and flood. Starting this process now can ensure local industries remain strong and viable, contributing to good economic, environmental and social outcomes.

Examples of Local Action

  • Investigate alternative uses for low productivity land at risk of inundation – possible opportunities for increased ecological outcomes in these areas and alternative incomes.
  • Highlight and identify opportunities to diversify and strengthen the agricultural sector eg. farm stay/tourism opportunities, local production of fodder crops.
  • Develop and implement programs to increase/maintain productivity in high production areas and strategically identify areas suitable for sustainable production to offset land taken out of production.
  • Establish infrastructure to support cropping diversity eg. grain crops storage.
  • Ensure support for good succession planning is available across all industries.

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-CV 2: Farmers Driving their Future Program
Develop a program to support industries to make well informed decisions NOW about changes to practice that will build resilience.

Local Landscape:


Regional Theme:

Climate Futures, Sustainable Industries

National Priorities:

Climate Change Adaptation