HB: Community Culture Change

Conduct a communication campaign to raise awareness of natural resource management to help bring about a culture change in the community.

Why it is important?

Changing attitudes will lead to onground change. Engaging people by focusing on issues they care about and providing factual information will increase support for good NRM initiatives, facilitating better planning, management and outcomes.

Examples of Local Action

  • Organise and support community events and forums eg. NRM forum, school events.
  • Establish a data hub to make NRM information easily accessible to the community and NRM stakeholders eg. weed and pest mapping, catchment and prioritisation plan. Ensure the information is very widely available.  In addition to information, provide additional support to sectors of the community that are interested in adapting and open to the new opportunities that may arise.
  • Provide accessible and affordable training opportunities, to assist larger groups of the community to be involved.
  • Conduct educational sessions to teach better recycling practices, as well as coordinate application to federal/state government for the introduction and management of future-minded recycling businesses eg. using plastic milk bottles for boardwalks.

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-CV 5: Education and Engagement
Develop a comprehensive community environmental education program to improve understanding and awareness of a range of NRM issues, helping facilitate change.

Local Landscape: