HB: Aquatic Connectivity for Improved Fish Movement

Improve the connectivity and function of aquatic ecosystems to facilitate movement of fish.

Why it is important?

Aquatic ecosystems on the coastal plains are fragmented, resulting in barriers to fish movement to access areas for feeding and breeding. Multiple benefits could be achieved by improving aquatic connectivity, including for biodiversity and ecology, social and economic outcomes and water quality.

Examples of Local Action

  • Conduct a walking the landscape process to assess and prioritise locations for onground work, including managing connectivity, water quality and weed pressure.
  • Support good land management practices, like improving soil health, which will also benefit waterway health (if you have healthy soils you will have healthy waterways).
  • Conduct a public communication campaign about coastal aquatic systems and their values. Provide clear information about the various jurisdictional arrangements in coastal systems to avoid confusion over tenure and ensure people are aware of what they can do where.

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-CM 14: Improving Movement of Fish
Removal of barriers and installation of structures to aid fish movement and provide expanded access to fish habitat and breeding grounds.

Local Landscape:


Regional Theme: