UH: Grazing Best Management Practices

Support for ongoing development and extension of regionally-specific grazing BMP, which takes into account the unique land types, soils and pastures in the Upper Herbert.

Why it is important?

Using an integrated, holistic approach to grazing can result in improved productivity, better soil and pasture condition and management of erosion and weeds. Good grazing management can contribute to broader-scale improvements in landscape condition, without specific investments of time and money.

Examples of Local Action

  • Local trials and monitoring of effective and innovative grazing practices eg. Grazing Naturally.
  • Funding opportunities for graziers to install infrastructure to implement or change grazing management practices (eg. fencing, water points).

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-CM 7: Landholder Support Program
Work collaboratively to enhance existing, and develop new, practical and useful extension and knowledge brokering services and products for land managers, covering the wide range of integrated NRM issues affecting, and affected by, land management.

Local Landscape:

Upper Herbert

Regional Theme:

Sustainable Industries

National Priorities:

Land Management Practices