DT: Walking Tracks for Tourism

Establish walking and cycling tracks in the Daintree – Cape Tribulation region to improve access to natural areas for locals and tourists.

Why it is important?

Tourists from around the world visit  Daintree and Cape Tribulation to experience the natural environment.  Providing opportunities to easily access these areas, in conjunction with interpretive signage, will improve their appreciation and understanding of the environment.  Keeping the Daintree simple and rustic will help provide the best experience for tourists. Walking and cycling tracks can also increase the amount of time tourists spend in the area, benefitting local tourist operators.

Examples of Local Action

  • Establish walking/cycling tracks within walking distance of Daintree Village (eg. at water tower reserve).  Using existing tracks on public reserves can help with cross-tenure issues and establishment costs.
  • Establish a range of walking/cycling tracks (eg. from a few hours to multi-day) throughout the Daintree region – ‘The Daintree Trail’.

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-CV 12: Recreation in Nature
Develop and implement a plan to improve access to natural areas for recreational purposes, by a diverse range of user groups (eg. disabled, older people, active tourists).

Local Landscape:


Regional Theme:

Sustainable Industries


Daintree, Mossman