DT: Targeted Weed Control

Conduct targeted and coordinated weed control in priority disturbed areas, to improve the health of natural and agricultural systems.

Why it is important?

Weeds are a major issue in the Daintree, impacting on the health and resilience of natural landscapes and agricultural systems.  Coordinated weed control, between state and local government and private landholders, will provide the most effective approach. 

Examples of Local Action

  • Continue supporting the weed control efforts of local residents and non-government organisations – there are some good examples of positive impacts on weed control from this approach.
  • Conduct education about appropriate garden plants for this area, to avoid them escaping and becoming potential weeds.
  • Conduct weed workshops with local government and private landholders covering weed identification, effective weed control techniques, herbicide use and safety.
  • Conduct control of emerging and established weeds in remnant areas, including pond apple, singapore daisy, navua sedge, tobacco weed and arrow vine.

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-CM 19: Local Action on Local Invasives
Develop collaborative, practical biosecurity protocols and undertake an integrated approach to managing invasive species.

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Regional Theme:



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