DT: Novel Tourist Experiences

Encourage world-class presentation of the Daintree’s natural assets to provide¬† tourists with the best possible experience.

Why it is important?

The Daintree is a world-renowned tourist destination. Finding new and interesting ways to present and interpret the region's natural attractions will provide more opportunities for tourists visiting the area, as well as incentives to conduct return visits. Fewer tourists, but with more high quality experiences, can provide the same benefits to local communities, without impacting further on the environment. Removing barriers and providing supportive pathways to establish innovative tourism ventures is an important mechanism to enable new tourism experiences to be developed.

Examples of Local Action

  • A range of possible options could be implemented by tourist operators, government or industry. The focus would be on exceptional quality experiences and presenting the natural attractions in interesting ways. Examples could include glass bottomed viewing platforms, maintenance of existing infrastructure, establishing and maintaining lookouts or walking trails, etc, etc.
  • Simplifying the planning and approval process and reducing red tape for new ventures to be established, including on a range of land tenures (private land, adjoining protected areas).

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-CV 11: Natural and Cultural Tourism to Increase Awareness
Develop a tourism marketing strategy to promote the natural and cultural assets of the Wet Tropics region, increasing environmental awareness and value through experience with nature.

Local Landscape:


Regional Theme:

Sustainable Industries