DT: Collaborating with Local Government for Better NRM

Improve collaboration between local communities and local government to improve natural resource management outcomes.

Why it is important?

Council local laws often address a range of natural resource management issues, including management of domestic dogs, feral animal and weed control and illegal dwellings.  Closer partnerships between the community and local government to take action on these issues can have a significant impact on local environmental management.   

Examples of Local Action

  • Ongoing pig trapping progam, supported by Council and other partners. In the Daintree rainforest environment, it is not always easy to shoot pigs, so trapping can be an effective way to control numbers.  Ongoing and consistent control measures are required to have any impact on the number of pigs and the damage they cause.
  • Managing unrestrained dogs – there are council local laws which address wandering domestic dogs, but these need to be better enforced to minimise the impact dogs have on wildlife.
  • Partnerships between landholders, council and others to conduct waterway management and restoration activities, including on private land.  Examples could include joint funding initiatives or onground labour for activities like weed control in waterways or removal of hazardous waste.

Contribution to Regional Priority

R-CM 2: Partnerships for Progress
Strengthen partnerships to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of existing resources.

Local Landscape:



Daintree, Mossman