CNS: Traditional Owner Involvement in NRM

Establish meaningful partnerships with Traditional Owners to support active participation in all aspects of natural resource management, for improved natural and cultural outcomes.

Why it is important?

Local Traditional Owners hold many thousands of years of traditional ecological knowledge in their stories and culture and their contribution to natural resource management can be significant. Incorporating Traditional knowledge results in an holistic approach that considers all aspects of the landscape, from climate, wildlife, plants, culture, seasons and people.

Examples of Local Action

Establish an independent body to coordinate and facilitate cooperation and involvement across the region.
Establish a Tribal Ecologist’s Network or Council of Elders to advise and support TO involvement in all aspects of project planning and implementation.
Co-design a management plan for the Wet Tropics, with Traditional Owners and other stakeholders.
Incorporate cultural knowledge in natural crocodile population management.
Support and expand Traditional Owner involvement in projects like Mangrove Watch.

Local Landscape:


Regional Theme:

Cultural Connection