CNS: Protect Areas of Statewide Biodiversity Significance

Increase protection of areas identified as having high biodiversity significance and conduct restoration to strengthen and expand these areas.

Why it is important?

The forests around Kuranda are identified as having State Biodiversity Significance. The area is within the narrowest east-west section of the Wet Tropics region corridor, forming a biodivesity bottleneck between the northern and southern sections of the Wet Tropics. The area is biodiversity-rich and supports a number of threatened species, including the Southern Cassowary. Stronger protection is needed for areas of existing forest within this corridor, with restoration in areas of unprotected freehold land, to facilitate movement of wildlife.

Examples of Local Action

A range of voluntary and/or regulatory measures can be used to help improve protection of significant areas for conservation.
Support landholders with restoration activities, such as tree planting, fencing and weed control.

Local Landscape:


Regional Theme: