CNS: Habitat Management and Protection

Protect and restore the diversity of habitats in our region to support a range of species, including migratory birds and endemic or threatened species.

Why it is important?

Our region is one of the most ecologically diverse in the world, with internationally important wetlands and World Heritage listed forests. Existing habitats, including wetlands, forests, waterways and old trees, provide crucial biodiversity outcomes, contain significant cultural values and provide resilience to climate change. Protecting what we already have provides better outcomes and is easier than replacing it.

Examples of Local Action

Use existing planning and legislation and advocate for change to minimise land clearing and the loss of natural ecosystems and species.
Advocate against dumping sand on the Esplanade to maintain important coastal habitat for migratory birds.
Install nesting boxes into restoration sites to provide breeding sites for wildlife. Work in collaboration with schools, men’s sheds, etc.

Local Landscape:


Regional Theme: