DT: Ongoing Tourism Knowledge and Training

Provide ongoing opportunities for local tourism operators to develop their knowledge of the Daintree area’s natural and cultural values, to maintain the high quality of tourist operators in the region.

Why it is important?

Tourists come to the Daintree to experience the spectacular natural assets. There are many skilled and knowledgeable tourism operators in the area who are able to enhance tourists’ experience with their knowledge of the natural and cultural landscapes of the Daintree. Providing ongoing professional development opportunities for tourist operators, including support staff (eg. bus drivers transporting tourists from the airport), can help maintain those consistently high standards.

Examples of Local Action

  • Advocate and encourage participation in professional development programs like Savannah Guides for all tourism staff.
  • Hold presentations for tourism operators from knowledgeable people on a range of relevant topics.
  • Provide a regular newsletter or similar with accurate and interesting information on the natural environment (eg. similar to Tropical Topics) for the greater tourism industry and hotel front line staff.

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