DT: Littoral Rainforest Management and Protection

Conduct management activities to reduce threats and improve the health of critically endangered littoral rainforest.

Why it is important?

Littoral rainforest and coastal vine thickets are listed as critically endangered. The vegetation community is important for its biodiversity values and the buffering and protection it provides to coastal areas. It is at risk from a number of ongoing threats, including weed incursion, clearing, disturbance and inappropriate fire regimes. Active management and protection will help maintain existing patches and the important ecosystem functions they provide.

Examples of Local Action

  • Promote a community education program about the importance of this ecological community.
  • Conduct active weed control in remnants.
  • Ensure existing provisions in legislation are utilised to prevent additional disturbance or clearing, including tracks for beach access or to improve views eg. through local government planning for works that may impact on littoral rainforest.
  • Clearly identify existing littoral rainforest remnants on private and public land, so activities can be undertaken to reduce threats and improve their health.

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