Wulgurukaba Aboriginal Corporation

The Wulgurukaba people have a spiritual, physical, social and cultural connection to their land, in the very southern boundaries of the Wet Tropics region and into the Dry Tropics. The objectives of the Wulgurukaba Aboriginal Corporation include the establishment of cultural heritage tourism activities including a cultural centre, guided tours, training programs and eventual self-sufficiency by the development of economic projects and industries.

Wulgurukaba Aboriginal Corporation
Phone0428 191 692
07) 4758 1071
Address 30 Kelly Street
Nelly Bay QLD 4819

In addition, the Wulgurukaba Yunbenun Aboriginal Corporation (registered 15 March 2012) has also been established, with the objective of management of lands defined in the Wulgurukaba ILUA, as well as a number of other objectives to enhance the capacity of Wulgurukaba people.

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