Mahogany Glider Recovery Team

Mahogany Glider Recovery Team Membership

The Mahogany Glider Recovery Team (MGRT) provides advice and coordinates actions identified in the Mahogany Glider Recovery Plan. The MGRT includes representatives from organisations with a direct interest in the recovery of the Mahogany Glider, including those involved in funding and those participating in actions that support the recovery of the species.

Daryl Dickson, a member of the Mahogany Glider Recovery Team and the Wildlife Preservation Society Queensland, talks about the mahogany glider and the work being done to protect this amazing species

Mahogany Glider Recover Team

Mahogany Glider Distribution

The mahogany glider is listed as Endangered on the list of threatened species under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, Nature Conservation Act 1992 and the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2013. They are only known to occur in a narrow band of open, wet sclerophyll woodlands between Ollera Creek (40 km south of Ingham) and the Hull River near Tully (a north–south distance of 122 km), in North Queensland, Australia.

Mahogany glider habitat has been reduced by approximately 50% as a result of broadscale clearing for agriculture purposes and the remaining habitat is highly fragmented with only five core populations remaining. The estimated population of the mahogany glider is approximately 1500-2000 individuals (Burbidge, et al., 2014) and numbers are likely to be reducing as a result of degradation of the habitat and the devastating impacts of Tropical Cyclone Yasi had across the entire distribution of mahogany glider habitat in 2011 (Winter, 2011).

MGRT Glider Photo

Photo by Daryl Dickson Wildcard Art

Threats to the Mahogany Glider

The mahogany glider faces a number of threats including:

  1. Habitat loss and fragmentation of the remaining habitat.
  2. Inappropriate fire regimes leading to habitat degradation and alteration of the remaining habitat.
  3. Intensive grazing and weed invasion.
  4. Mortality and dissection of habitat as a result of easement corridors.
  5. Mortality from barbed wire fencing.
  6. Extreme climatic events including tropical cyclones and severe wildfires.

The MGRT is addressing these threats through a variety of projects.  The most recent project Connecting the Dots has been funded by the Department of Environment and supported by the Threatened Species Commissioner.

Opportunities to Help

The Mahogany Glider Recovery Team is always looking for volunteers to assist with projects, including monitoring, tree planting, fund raising and other activities. If you are interested please contact Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (Tully/Cardwell Branch).

If you are a landholder who would like to improve the habitat on your property, the team is always looking for new opportunities to assist landholders to plant trees, tackle weeds, install wildlife friendly fencing and implement appropriate fire regimes. If you would like to know more about how we can help and what funding may be available please contact Terrain NRM on (07) 4043 8000 or email

If you would like to donate to the Mahogany Glider Recovery Team or fund a specific project please contact Terrain NRM on (07) 4043 8000 or visit our campaign page – Saving the Endangered Mahogany Glider.

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