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November 20, 2017

Soil biology testing workshop

On-farm at Mareeba

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Wet Tropics Soilcare
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Wet Tropics Soilcare (WETS) formed in November 2014 with 50 members as a direct result of Terrain NRM’s intensive farmer soil health program, Digging Deeper. It is an incorporated association in Queensland and a registered Landcare group with two main objectives:

  • To help members learn about improving the productive capacity of their soil
  • To share that knowledge amongst its members

Its members are drawn mostly from the Wet Tropics region, but also as far west as Dimbulah, north to Cape York and south to Townsville. They represent almost every 

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agricultural industry in the Wet Tropics: sugar cane, bananas, avocadoes, tropical fruit, citrus, vanilla, cocoa, vegetables; agronomic services, agricultural suppliers, extension services, natural resource management organisations. WETS does not support one agricultural system over another. It welcomes anyone (conventional, organic, biodynamic, ‘biological’) who has an interest in learning more about soil function.

Understanding how to improve and maintain soil is the foundation of sustainable agriculture. WETS aims to empower farmers with the knowledge and skills necessary to regenerate the productive capacity of their farms for both profit and quality through understanding how to 

enhance the biological activity in the soil.

Biologically active soil:

  • promotes healthy pasture and crop growth and contributes to a healthy ecosystem
  • contains more organic matter which vastly increases its water holding capacity for greater resilience in both drought and flood. 
  • produces higher nutrient density food, stores more carbon and drains clean water into our river systems.

WETS currently supports a number of on-farm trials and regular skill-building workshops, often with invited experts. 


Highlights from 2016-2017

Current projects






May 2016

Understanding Nitrogen workshop


A series of workshops at three different locations demonstrating the use of soil biology tests in helping farm decision-making (2017/18)

Mourilyan, Mareeba and Mossman

August 2016

What Your Weeds Tell You workshop

On-farm at Kaban (near Ravenshoe)

Three-year vermicast trial in cane, bananas and grazing (funded through Reef Rescue Innovation), due to end in 2018

Innisfail, Mirriwinni and East Palmerston

October 2016

National Biological Farming Conference and Expo - 500 delegates, 40 exhibitors


A three-year program of skill-building workshops and forums to help members improve their understanding of soil function (funded through Community Grants program), finishing June 2018

Around the region

December 2016

Farming in a Variable Climate (with DAF presenters)


Trial of calcium application rates on five properties in grazing, vegetables, dairy and tropical fruit production - ongoing.

Northern and Southern Atherton Tablelands

January 2017

Make Your Own Bio-fertiliser training (members only)


Wet Tropics Soilcare NBFC

Proud convenors of the 2016 National Biological Farming Conference

March 2017

Minerals and CEC workshop

On-farm at Malanda

August 2017

Soil biology testing workshop

On-farm at Mourilyan


Contact Chair: Mal Everett jamal@southernphone.com.au

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